About Us

Our Vision

We are a provider solutions company and our vision is to re-institute the small-town doctor-patient relationship where the doctors stay focused on taking care of their patients while we take care of their business through our simplified managed professional services.</span>

Our Mission

We believe that simplicity combined with current technology can turn the ever complex process of dropping bills and getting paid in a timely manner by the insurance companies into a cost-effective and streamlined process.

Why Choose Us

You should choose us because the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in your practice is at risk. We will be an active partner in producing success through reducing your cost and increasing the revenue with our effective revenue cycle management process.

Simplified, Reliable and Convenient Medical Services

American Medical Provider Solutions provides services in the US that can take a lot from you, including your effort and time which should be spent on taking care of your patients. American Medical Provider Solutions provides Medical Services for all specialties in an All-in-One Solution.

Our reliable medical services would help you manage all your medical claims, bills and insurance claims with just a few clicks and would help you get your owed money quicker & faster.

Why Choose Us


Imagine getting a complete Medical  Services platform to transform your medical practice into an innovative exercise where you can diligently take care of your patients and get paid without any hassle.

Get yourself acquainted with the best team of Medical Provider Services Experts and Specialists having years of experience with the world’s best EHR systems.

AMERICAN MEDICAL PROVIDER SOLUTIONS  gives you the opportunity to transform your healthcare productivity by getting your medical bills paid in time and securing your revenue. You focus on taking care of your patients & AMERICAN MEDICAL PROVIDER SOLUTIONS does the rest. With user-friendly medical Solutions and patient tools, AMERICAN MEDICAL PROVIDER SOLUTIONS offers you one-stop-solution for all your medical billing services, where you can manage your entire medical billing practice, patient appointments, scheduling, coding, claim filing and submission, billing resolutions, financial reporting and analytics, and much more.