Front Desk and Medical Call Center options to meet your unique needs

Every clinic needs smoother operations, zero chaos, and full visibility into its processes. With AMPS's front office management services, all this is possible.

Our fortified workflows, data capture, and intuitive reporting across each task in the physician's billing office make sure that healthcare management remains the physician's main focus and only concern. With its years in healthcare revenue cycle management, AMPS's team has repeatedly demonstrated its dedication to patient-centered care, starting with medical front office management.

Why is American Medical Provider SolutionsRight for You:

Insurance Eligibility Management

Patients’ insurance eligibility verification is the first
step that precedes scheduling their visit, which leads
to zero insurance denials

Patient Appointment Calls

More than 60% of patients schedule their visits
digitally. Properly managing their phone calls is of
prime importance for our front desk team

Appointment Confirmation

Our medical front office and billing team helps to
decrease patient no-show rate with an appointment
confirmation and follow-up system

Patient Follow Up Visits

AMPS’s front desk solution has been designed to
keep a proper record of each patient visit and make
sure that follow-up visits are not missed.

Healthcare Call Center Services

The team’s expertise with medical appointment scheduling minimizes the incidence of no-shows, empty hour slots, and stuffed calendars. Physicians can finally own their time again.

With our insurance and benefits verification services, they stop worrying about the type of insurance coverage, losses due to unverified benefits, and patient documentation. They’re now free to concentrate on treating their patients.

American Medical Provider Solution

flexible and affordable Medical Call Center Services