Expert Billing Specialists

With our comprehensive medical billing software and our expert billing professionals, we offer the best support services for your practice. We don’t just analyze your medical billing problems.

Modern Billing Technology

Our medical billing software is integrated and compatible with mobile and web applications to support all your complex medical billing tasks and help you get paid.

Effective Billing Processes

Our clear effective billing process ensures the financial health of your practice. Our medical billing procedures include collecting patient information, verifying eligibility, reminding patients.

Simplified, Reliable and Convenient Medical Billing

Medical billing services in the US can take a lot from you, including your effort and time which should be spent on taking care of your patients. AMPS  provides Medical Billing Services for all specialties in an All-in-One Solution.

Our reliable medical billing services would help you manage all your medical claims, bills and insurance claims with just a few clicks and would help you get your owed money quicker & faster

AMPS provides one-stop-solution for all your medical billing and coding services, with our effective audit and follow-up on unpaid claims we get you paid quicker than usual, which results in improved financial performance.


You would be able to take care of your patients diligently while we ensure 100% error free claim submissions, faster money collections and work round-the-clock to deliver 95% first time acceptance of all your medical billing claim.

With 100% error-free financial reporting and summary, you can view and analyze all your financial information with A/R management, reconcile bills, charges and all patient payment information with no ambiguity.

Our billing team double check all your medical claims to analyze all available patient information so that they can accurately submit and resolve all your claims. That gives you peace of mind and you take care of your patients without having to worry about your billing.

American Medical Provider Solutions

Keystone of Your Financial Performance

The single most important element to guarantee reimbursements is proper medical billing and coding. Even the smallest mistake can result in a delay of payment. Medical billing and coding are essential for healthcare providers; however, they can get in the way of providing patients with quality care. Medical billing and coding are a full-time job, and when it is done accurately, it can yield substantial returns.

As the keystone of your financial performance, your organization should have a system in place that runs efficiently and effectively. Expending your resources on medical billing and coding diminishes your patient-centered care. This is why Right Medical Billing offers medical billing and coding services to help your facility free up resources and increase patient flow.

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