Importance of Insurance Credentialing

Credentialing and Contracting are the basis of starting a clinic or healthcare facility. They also lay the root for your relationships with insurance companies as well as patients. It is an important part of enrolling in an insurance company’s preferred provider network. With the help of American medical provider solutions credentialing services, you will be in these networks with contracts that will benefit you. This will increase patient care and satisfaction as well as your revenue. What we aim for you is that make your facility to be able to serve a larger pool of patients and increase patient satisfaction.

Highly Specialized Technical Teams

Our Managed Billing Specialists are always available round the clock to help you with any query, our team comprises of experts that do their best to identify, troubleshoot and provide resolutions to time pressing matters.

Modern Billing Technology

We have partnered with top-tier EHR Providers to provide seamless integrated practice management solutions. You can now work with Greensense Billing team with a EHR of your choice that suits your needs.

Convenient Processes

With state-of-the-art medical billing software, it will help you to improve the process of medical billing, claim submission processes, clearinghouse, medical billing errors, and your financial information.

American Medical Provider Solutions

Why ChooseUsfor Credentialing Services

Credentialing and contracting is the base of starting a practice or healthcare facility, and it lays the foundation for your relationship with insurance companies as well as patients. American Medical provider solutions providing credentialing services to various hospitals and healthcare systems. We will obtain and negotiate contracts with insurance payors, as well as take on the responsibility of making sure your facility or physician’s contracts with insurance carriers are up-to-date.

Let our expertise facilitate your relationships with insurance companies as well as patients, allowing you to serve more patients, serve them better, and attain the highest reimbursement rates.

Negotiating In-Network Contracts

Negotiating contracts effectively is the first step in growing your facility to the standard you aim for. We are aggressive with our negotiating, and our relationships that span over years have always resulted in the benefit of our clients. Not negotiating contracts effectively makes you lose money. This is something you should leave up to the experts.

Our EDI team has garnered relationships with most network managers in insurance companies. Right Medical Billing will exploit certain circumstances, such as patient volumes in a certain locality to ensure the best rates for each physician.

We enroll physicians in both government and private networks.

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